GoodMedia OnLine

GoodMedia OnLine Inc.

is Private Cloud, Core Hosting

Securely hosts and manages 4 core domain services:

DNS / Domain Registration
Mail Accounts
Files / Data Storage

Good Media Inc.

Partners with people and companies to support the daily use of internet connected devices & with the core hosting services of GoodMedia OnLine.

GoodMedia offers exceptional managed hosting of the core applications and services needed to be secure and completely independent on the internet. We stay focused on the core, and help our clients do the rest, if needed.

We design, build and control our own physical and virtual infrastructure. We constantly refine and sweat the details, which gives us a more direct understanding of constant change; something that people feel overwhelmed by at times… so we do our best to help manage the “IT” side of change, for our valued clients;

GoodMedia has grown into a community of like minded individuals over the past two decades. They understand that their data is safe and more private here than on the “free” public sites, while having key control over their mobility and internet identity… something that has always been the original intent in the long term design of GoodMedia, since 1991…