GoodMedia OnLine

GoodMedia OnLine Inc.

GoodMedia is Private Cloud, Core Hosting;  a simple, focused and reliable service that is completely independent from the public carriers.

We securely host and personally manage your domain(s) and provide web and email services on privately owned physical machines in downtown Toronto.

We also build, fix and refine private corporate networks and client machines for the ongoing security of our valued clients.

Good Media Inc.

GoodMedia started hosting in 1991 (from the furnace room of a house using telephone lines and 2400 baud modems), and grew to be located in a secure private data center, directly connected to the fiber backbone of the Internet.

Our ideal clients appreciate the value of data and the importance of controlling who has access to it. Private is private.

They appreciate the value of technology and the importance of keeping it maintained. Uptime is uptime.

Our clients value the human touch. Understanding and trust. Capability and integrity. That’s GoodMedia.