GoodMedia Server Specifications

GoodMedia Base Specifications

This area is intended for IT & Developers to get the most current scripting and programming environment information they need, as we perpetually refine GoodMedia’s technical specifications;

GoodMedia’s current Hardware base:

– Twin redundant clusters of Intel Xeon Hardware running HyperV clustered failover virtual machines on Windows Datacentre and Mac OS 10.x Server Software.
– All machines share clustered redundancies using multiple RAID drive systems, NAS, spare power supplies, and switches, all working together on a shared 10GB Backplane.
– All machines are located in a Tier 1 data center, connected directly to the fiber core in downtown Toronto, (Canada).

GoodMedia’s current Software base:

DNS Servers:


Mail Servers:
Barracuda – Spam Firewall / primary SMTP Mail Server
FirstClass 12 – FirstClass / POP3 / IMAP / Browsers / SmartPhones Collaborative Mail Server – For FirstClass / Apple / Windows clients
Kerio Connect 9.x – POP3 / IMAP / Browsers / Smartphones
Exchange / ActiveSync / CalDAV Server
For Windows / Exchange / Outlook specific users
Mailman – Mail List Server

Web Servers:

Windows Datacenter

Microsoft – IIS v8 Web Servers
Microsoft – .NET 4.7.x Scripting
Adobe – ColdFusion 11 Scripting
PHP 7.2.x Scripting

Database Servers:

Microsoft – SQL Express 2017
FileMaker Pro Advanced 16
MySQL 5.7.x accessed with phpMyAdmin