SmartPhone Mail Client for FirstClass

Setting up your SmartPhone with GoodMedia’s FirstClass Mail Server.fc-icon


Incoming Mail Server = on port 993
Outgoing Mail Server = on port 587

FirstClass Mail Server =

There are two ways to connect an SmartPhone to the FirstClass Mail Server;

1) Using the free FirstClass Mobile app for Android
or using the free FirstClass Mobile app for Apple
2) Using the Apple Mail Application – or Microsoft Outlook Application; if you have this mail account already set up on your Mac, then the same information is used to set up the Mail app in your iPhone or Android device.

The Detail:

FirstClass Mobile App

Download the free FirstClass Mobile for Android
Download the free FirstClass Mobile for Apple
or Search for “FirstClass Mobile” in the App Store on your device.

Launch the App, add in the Server: field, add your same UserID & Password,

Touch the Login button;

After logging in for the first time, go into the Settings:


Click on Notifications:

Click on FirstClass:

Choose from three types of Notification when new email arrives:

To change the App Preferences and to change the Outgoing Signature,
touch the “ i ” icon in the bottom right corner;

…and change anything as needed;

Apple Mail iPhone App:


You Edit your Mail account using the Settings button:


Mail, Contacts, Calendars:


Accounts -> Add Account… -> Other:

Add Account -> Mail -> Add Mail Account:

IMAP Mail Setup
– Substitute your own Email Address, User Name, and Password.
– Add to the Incoming Host Name, and to the Outgoing Host Name, click the Save button