FirstClass Mail Client with FirstClass

Installing the FirstClass Mail Client with GoodMedia’s FirstClass Mail Server.

The Download:

The Summary:

Mail Server =

  1. Download the FirstClass Client software installer (above).
  2. Run the Installer.
  3. At the resulting Login dialog box, click on the Setup Button and type into the Server: field (see example below), click on the Save button.
  4. Enter your User ID & Password, Click the Green Login button.

The Detail:

Download the FirstClass Client software installer (above).

For MacOS X: The installer is in a .dmg image, which should auto mount to the Desktop. You may run the installer from this mounted image.

For Windows: The download is a  .msi installer file.

When the installer is downloaded, run it and accept the license. Continue through the Read Me. Note the location on your hard drive where FirstClass is being installed and allow it to Install. Once installation is complete, quit the Installer. The FirstClass program will auto launch and give you the Login screen;

Click on the “Advanced” and then “Setup…” buttons.

 In the “Server:” field, type;, and click on “FirstClass secure authentication only”:

 Click on the “Save” button, which will bring you back to the Login screen:

 Enter your User ID and Password, and click on the Green Arrow / “Login” button.


If you receive the message “There is no FirstClass server by that name on the network“, this typically means you are not connected to the internet or that you have not configured the Settings file correctly (as above).

Location of the Settings folder on Windows:
My Computer: C Drive: Program Files: FirstClass: Settings:

Location of the Settings folder on OS X:
/Users//Library/FirstClass/Settings/ (Click the Home Icon: Library; FirstClass; Settings)