Change Forwarding

How to Change Forwarding in FirstClass ?

To Forward your Mail in FirstClass; there are two ways:

1) Using the FirstClass application, go: FirstClass Menu -> Preferences…

fc-Fwd1Under the Messaging Tab -> Mail Rules Tab, you have a choice of Forward (which leaves the message on the server and also sends out to the email address you enter in the Forward to:  field, or, use Redirect, which pushes the email directly to the email address(es) without leaving a copy on the Server.

You will also need to turn the Local (Internal Mail) or Internet (External Mail) “on”, by toggling “No” to “Yes“;


2) Using GoodMedia’s FirstClass WebMail, there is a 3 color bar icon -> Drop Down Menu in the right corner; choose Preferences:


You will see the same fields as with the FirstClass application above, with the same options for Forward (leave a copy) or Redirect (leave no copy):