Goodmedia Fileshare Accounts

Set up Accounts using any Web Browser

GoodMedia’s FTP server enables you as the Administrator to create “Sub Administrators”, also called Users / Private Accounts, that only the Administrator can create and delete, anytime…

To do this, log in using the Administrator account by clicking on the Files Admin link over on the Navigation panel of this site.

Which takes you here:


After you log in, notice the “Manage Users” link that is available only to Administrator accounts;

Clicking this link takes you to a page where you can create New Users by clicking the “Create New User” button;

Change any of the Privileges that you want this User Account to have, and be sure to click the “Save Changes” button;

When finished, click the “Return to WFM” button to return to the Home level.

What ever you called this New User, there will then be an identically named Directory created at the “Home” or root level of your account;

Setting Up Sub Admins

You can test your new account by first logging out as the Administrator, and then logging back in as your new SubUser.