GoodMedia FileShare Access

GoodMedia’s File Servers can be accessed in any or all of 3 ways…

  • using FTP client software:
    Using a FTP Client Application for a web site, the Host Address is typically; “”, followed by your UserID & Password.
  • on your Desktop with WebDAV:
    WebDAV is similar to file sharing on a local LAN;
    On a Mac, type “Command K” (Go Menu -> Connect to Server…), and enter


– Next you will see a dialog similar to this;


– An icon will show up on your Desktop similar to this;


– Make an “Alias / Shortcut” of the icon on your Desktop, and then you will only have to double click the alias icon to use your files from anywhere you have internet access…

On Windows, there are several methods to log into a WebDAV server, but the easiest and most reliable is through Internet Explorer;

In Explorer, choose “Open …” from the “File” menu, then enter the Web address of your FTP server in the Open dialog box. Be sure to check the “Open as Web Folder” option and to use port 8010, then click “OK”.

When prompted, enter your UserID & Password;

An icon will show up under the “My Network Places” icon:

Make a shortcut of this icon and then you can always access your files by just double clicking the icon.

Note for Developers:

Another effective use of WebDAV is within programs such as Adobe DreamWeaver;

Adobe DreamWeaver Remote Setup