Apple Mail Client with Kerio

Setting up your Apple Mail Client
with GoodMedia’s Kerio Connect Mail Server.

The Summary:

Kerio Connect can either be set up automatically by clicking here to Sync a Mac with GoodMedia’s Kerio Connect Server
OR, accounts can be set up Manually, as below;

The Detail:

Incoming Mail Server = on port 993 for secure IMAP, or port 995 for secure POP3
Outgoing Mail Server = on port 587 or 465
ActiveSync is licensed from Microsoft to allow Kerio Connect to appear as an Exchange Server.

In this example we are using screenshots from version 9.2 of the Apple Mail Application on OSX 10.11.

Go; Mail Menu -> Preferences…

Kerio Add

Choose to Add a new account, then choose the “Exchange” option;


Add your Credentials and Sign In;


If your Credentials were correct, you can then choose the apps you want to use with this account and click the “Done” button.


Your Account setup is complete.

In this example we are using screenshots from the Apple Mail (10.6) Application -> Preferences -> Accounts




To confirm your settings go to the Window Menu -> Connection Doctor:


Connection Doctor

SMTP Outgoing Setup
– Apple Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts -> Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

Note: To use an SSL connection on port 587; you need to use as the Server Name:



Your Advanced Tab will look like this (substitute your own specific ID & Password);